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What's YOUR dream? In the last 30 days, 1438 people from 100 countries started earning an online income with SFI. Let us help you get started on your dream today! Why SFI? Now in our 19th successful year Millions of dollars paid out to our affiliates 90,000+ commissionable products & services In over 190 countries worldwide World-class 24/7 support & training Can do everything from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

I first joined Strong Futures International (SFI) in 1999.  Built a downline up to over 1000 affiliates and could not get one to do anything. Stayed with it for a couple of years and finally gave up....BIG Mistake..I should have continued, oh well that is water under the bridge - as the saying goes.

Little over a year ago while surfing on the Tim Tech traffic exchanges the chat turned to talking about SFI and I joined in the conversation and discovered the company had changed the whole format and made it even better than it was.

If you are interested in owning your own International online business, please do your self a big favor and join us to see if you have what it takes to run a business free of upfront cost and no strings attached. If you do not like what you see all you do is cancel your account. No hard feelings, this business is not for everyone.

This time I have learned a lot on how to run an online business by joining Click Track Profit (CTP) for free and following the the trainning steps. Doing so I  have rebuilt my organization to over 1000 again with active affiliates that have their own vision of excellence.

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Co-op Manager

Maximize the value of your TripleClicks PSAs To Go or from PSAs you've won in a Pricebenders Auction: run them through your Co-op Manager! Your participating affiliates will benefit with guaranteed PSAs added to their downline. YOU will benefit from motivated affiliates with expanding teams of new PSAs, whose activities could add long-term profits to your bottom line! To funnel your PSAs To Go or Pricebenders Auction PSAs through the Co-op Manager, just go to the Start A New Co-op page at the SFI Affiliate Center and choose "Your Gateway Site" as the co-op source. Be SURE to enter 1104 in the keycode field. Click the Create A New Co-op button at the bottom when you're done. IMPORTANT! After purchasing your PSAs To Go or winning the PSAs auction, you've got a day or two before your new PSAs begin rolling in. Once they begin to arrive, it will be too late to run them through a new co-op. Therefore, be sure not to wait too long after winning your auction to set up your co-op! For help and information about creating co-ops and using the Co-op Manager, see Co-op Manager FAQs. You can also check out Gery's SFI Co-op Manager & The Magic Of Co-oping article for more tips and hints.

A second income or retirement!

While many here prefer to look at SFI as a second income, yes extra money is nice every month, but I mainly look at SFI as a retirement fund.

Let's look at some numbers. Many people will start or join an online business thinking they will get quick rewards. There is still the advertising, building and funding your business. Wait, what? I need to spend money to earn money? Absolutely not! It can all be done absolutely FREE, but it may take longer. This depends on each individual and their experience.

Thus bringing me to the Retirement end of the process. Would you pay to fund your own retirement package? Most of us already do through our place of work. So let's say you are funding for your retirement. Where you work, one of the programs was funded by $10 a week out of your payroll. The company matched. Add these together for 35 years and there is your monthly retirement pay out. Wow, Cool! That might have worked in the 70's, but prices have skyrocketed.

So, is SFI your second income or your retirement program?

Let's look at it this way. $10 a week = $40 a month. That is almost the price of (2) S-Builder Co-op shares a month. Granted, Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Next! If you invest in the stock market, do you always get a winning stock pick.

It only takes a few serious movers with your same thoughts in mind to grow to unbelievable proportions. Thus, your retirement program!

Keep in mind, this growing down line working for their retirement also, will increasingly grow your retirement pay out. NOT capped at 35 years like most company payment plans.

Now while you are working at your retirement plan and some second income cash coming in along the way, Consider taking a little more of the second income and re-investing in your retirement plan. Another $5 a week towards S-Builder may beef you up even more.

Now let me go back to my subject line.

A second income or retirement!

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